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Rolex Watches

Rolex watches are known all over the world and are highly regarded by watch collectors and experts alike. The brand offers a superb collection of watches, including the exquisite Rolex Air King. This stylish watch is perhaps one of the lesser-known Rolex products, but it is every bit as good as its better-known cousins.

Rolex co-founder Hans Wilsdorf created the Air King as a tribute to those RAF pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain. It was a part of a collection of aviation-inspired watches known as the ‘Air’ series.

The precision and accuracy offered by the Air-King is as invaluable to pilots as it is to everyone else. Indeed, the stylish design became extremely popular, as did the fact that the Air-King was one of the less expensive Rolex watches. To that end, Mark Worthington Jewellers is proud to offer a selection of pre-owned Rolex Air Kings for your perusal, all in perfect condition.

Browse our stunning collection of Rolex watches today and see if you can find that perfect gift for a loved one or a special treat for yourself. With watches available in their original boxes and with their paperwork, you might just find a treasure right here for your watch collection.


There are many types to choose from when it comes to Rolex watches, but the Datejust is in a league of its own. This watch was initially released in 1945 to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Rolex company and it was unveiled at a jubilee celebration. It was Rolex’s first automatic watch that had its own changing date window.

The Datejust also featured the innovative, fully integrated waterproof Oyster case as well as a perpetual rotor to automatically unwind the movement. Since its inception, there have been many variations of the Datejust over the ensuing years. In fact, it is still in production today and remains remarkably similar to the original design.

With the so many different variations of the Datejust, we are more than confident that there is a model to suit every taste and style. And at Mark Worthington Jewellers, you can get your hands on a pre-owned model. This means that you are getting a quality timepiece for less.

Our collection of used watches offers timepieces in excellent condition and they make for ideal additions to any watch collection. Most of our watches come with original paperwork as well as service papers to give you a full history of any work carried out on them. Many even come in their own original boxes, making them an ideal gift for someone you care about.


Many individuals consider Rolex watches the king of all watches; indeed, countless watch lovers the world over aspire to own one of these remarkable timepieces. The quality and precision that goes into the making of every single Rolex watch is one of the main reasons they are so desirable. With so many different models to choose from though, it can be quite hard to decide on the perfect Rolex watch. Nevertheless, the Day-Date model makes for a fabulous choice.

The fact that the Day-Date is also known as the Rolex President will give you an indication of its status. This stunning watch is known as a timepiece that is popular with wealthy and powerful men. Released in 1956, it was the first waterproof, self-winding chronometer that had its date display window positioned at 3 o’clock. The day of the week was also displayed in a window positioned at 12 o’clock.

The very first models of the Day-Date were considered by many as not being up to usual Rolex standards, but in 1959 the model was upgraded and instantly became extremely popular.

Here at Mark Worthington Jewellers, we are proud to say that we stock pre-owned Rolex Day-Dates in superb condition. With their own papers and boxes, these watches are ideal for Rolex lovers everywhere.


Rolex watches obviously make for an excellent addition to any watch collection. Indeed, while few individuals have never heard of the brand before, countless people consider many of the company’s models to be some of the most exquisite timepieces ever made. With that in mind, you might be wondering which Rolex model is considered the best.

While labelling any particular Rolex watch as ‘the best’ is subjective and a matter of personal opinion, many agree that the Rolex Daytona is in the running for the title. This beautiful model is highly regarded in the watch world; in fact, a Rolex Daytona worn by actor Paul Newman is actually the second most expensive wristwatch ever sold at auction, fetching an eye-watering $17.75 million.

First introduced in 1963, the Daytona is a self-winding, waterproof chronometer. Named after the city where the first NASCAR race was held, the Rolex Daytona offers quality and precision and has numerous features that make it popular with racing drivers. This includes an easy-to-read display as well as a tachymetric scale for measuring speed over a specific distance.

If you are looking to add a Rolex Daytona to your collection, look no further than Mark Worthington Jewellers. We stock a collection of pre-owned Daytonas, all in excellent condition.


Over the many years since its establishment, Rolex watches have become synonymous with both luxury and precision. The company’s reputation for excellent craftsmanship has made all the brand’s stunning timepieces much sought after by watch collectors the world over. Rolex watches are a symbol of power and wealth and are considered the ultimate must-have accessory by many individuals.

When it comes to Rolex watches, there is certainly plenty of choice. However, the Rolex Deepsea is not only a stunning timepiece, but it is also highly functional. It is a dive watch that is capable of functioning accurately under immense pressure. In fact, Rolex co-founder Hans Wilsdorf attached a Deepsea model to the bottom of the Trieste submersible, which went to the bottom of Mariana Trench, the world’s deepest trench. The watch was confirmed as having kept perfect time during both the descent and the ascent.

We are glad to inform you that Mark Worthington Jewellers stocks an excellent selection of beautiful Rolex Deepsea watches. These pre-owned models are ideal for those who have always admired Rolex watches. They come with their own papers and box as well, making them perfect as a valuable addition to your own watch collection or as a gift for that special someone in your life.

Explorer I

Rolex watches are high quality timepieces typically worn by the rich and famous of this world. They have almost become a status of power and wealth and are highly sought after. Indeed, when it comes to luxury goods, Rolex is one of the top brands.

However, with so many different models to choose from when it comes to Rolex watches, it can be hard to find that perfect one. If you are looking for a stylish sports watch though, may we suggest the Rolex Explorer I as one definitely worth considering.

Simple and understated yet superbly functional and stylish, is it any wonder that the Explorer I is considered one of Rolex’s most iconic timepieces. Created in 1953 and designed specifically for the avid adventurer, the Rolex Explorer I was given to Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay to test during their expedition to the top of Mount Everest. The climb was sponsored by both Rolex and Smith’s; Tenzing chose to wear the Explorer I while Hillary wore a watch by Smith’s.

You can now get your hands on a Rolex Explorer I right here at Mark Worthington Jewellers. Our pre-owned timepieces are available with original papers and boxes and are all in excellent condition.

Explorer II

Watch collectors the world over aspire to have at least one Rolex watch in their collection. These stunning timepieces are considered to be the best of the best and owning one is seen as a symbol of wealth and stature. If you have always wanted to be the proud owner of one or possibly more Rolex watches, Mark Worthington Jewellers offers you that chance.

We stock a range of pre-owned Rolex watches, and the Rolex Explorer II is just one example. This remarkable watch oozes style and quality and is an ideal addition to any watch collection. Indeed, it is a model that holds its value very well.

Like its predecessor, the Explorer I, the Explorer II was specifically designed for tough conditions, such as those experienced by mountain climbers. The Explorer II contains a date function and, in contrast to its Explorer I brother, an orange 24-hour hand. This makes it useful for those navigating in dim or dark conditions where it is difficult to see clearly, such as around the Poles or underground.

If the Rolex Explorer II is something you desire, feel free to check out our collection of pre-owned watches right now. Most of our used watches come with original papers and boxes, which make them ideal gifts for a loved one as well as something for your own collection.


Used Rolex Watches

When it comes to luxury watches, the first name that comes to most people’s minds is Rolex. This Swiss luxury watchmaker has been designing and creating top-quality watches since 1905. The company was founded by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in London. The nascent company, which was then known as Wilsdorf and Davis, were importing high-quality Swiss components and placing them in watch cases. In 1908, the Rolex brand was trademarked, and the company opened an office in Switzerland. The company name was changed to Rolex in 1915. Here at Mark Worthington, we have a great selection of top quality pre-owned Rolex watches in excellent condition. As Rolex prides itself on quality and performance, you can be sure of getting a beautifully crafted timepiece that has been designed to stand the test of time. Our pre-owned Rolex watches will allow you to own the watch of your dreams while saving money on the purchase price of a new model. While our watches are preowned, many of them are actually unworn, meaning that you will be acquiring a valuable piece of jewellery at a significantly reduced price compared with a brand-new piece. Take a look at our ladies used Rolex watches today or browse our mens used Rolex watches instead.

If you are looking for the latest Rolex Guide, take a look at ours today!