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Pre-Owned Watches

Pre Owned Watches

If you are looking to purchase a spectacular watch but can’t afford a brand new one, why not consider buying a pre-owned, used watch. Pre-owned watches have many benefits and are often misjudged when associated with the word ‘used’. Used watches cost less and there is often more to choose from ensuring you find the perfect watch for you. Here at Mark Worthington Jewellers, we pride ourselves on the amazing stock we have including our very popular used rolex watches selection, our used Tag Heuer watches, used Omega watches and so many more.  Many pre-owned watches will eventually settle in price however some may increase in value through the chain of reaction of price increased based on new models. Prices may increase due to popularity, a vintage nature and the amount in circulation so pre-owned watches can often be a thing of preference, not to mention you can always guarantee a story behind them. If you are looking to sell your own pre-owned watch, contact us today or fill in our easy submit form.