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Back in 1833, Antoine LeCoultre set up his company LeCoultre & Cie with the sole aim of creating top quality timepieces. Based in Le Sentier, Switzerland, LeCoultre invented a machine that could cut watch pinions from steel and so started using this in the creation of his luxury watches. In 1944, LeCoultre designed the Millionmetre, which was at the time the world’s most precise measuring instrument. Using his own creations, LeCoultre was able to introduce some of the most reliable timepieces the world had ever seen. Indeed, at the Universal Exhibition in London in 1851, LeCoultre was awarded a gold medal for his work.

By 1903, LeCoultre’s grandson Jacques-David had taken over the running of the company and was challenged by watchmaker Edmond Jaeger to create a collection of ultra-thin pocket watches. The pair subsequently formed a partnership that saw all LeCoultre-produced Jaeger movements becoming exclusive to the French jewellers Cartier for the following fifteen years. Eventually, in 1937, Jaeger LeCoultre was established.

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