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A Chanel watch is the absolute epitome of French elegance and sophistication.

Ever since Chanel designed the Premier watch back in 1987, followed shortly after by the now-iconic J12 watch, new and unique styles for men have come to dominate the market, oozing luxury and class like no other brand.

But what makes a Chanel watch so special? With the J12, you get an exclusive self-winding feature. Then there’s the Monsieur watch – perfectly proportioned geometrically with a strong emphasis on the circular and super-sophisticated graphic numerical styles.

Designed specifically for the man who wants to create his own signature style, these modern classics are instantly recognisable, demanding the attention of everyone in the room, whether at work or socialising with friends.

Whether it’s a quartz automatic watch, a quilted stainless-steel design or a black ceramic bracelet that catches your eye, you know that with Chanel, it’s been created with your comfort in mind.

And with their clear, easy to read dials, Chanel watches are not only extravagant and timelessly fashionable, but they are also practical, coming in their own box with all the relevant paperwork so you can be assured of their origins and heritage.