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Dior, or Christian Dior SE, is a luxury goods company founded in 1946 as the House of Dior. Although originally a fashion house, the brand ventured into other areas, namely perfumes, with Christian Dior Parfums established in 1947. Moving on from clothing and perfume, the first Dior watch was introduced to the market in 1975. Known as ‘Black Moon’, it was a collaboration with Benedom. In 1990, a new collection of Dior watches was released to the buying public. This collection was called ‘Bagheera’ and was inspired by the ‘Black Moon’ watches. Dior watches very quickly became a sought-after fashion accessory among the rich and famous. In 1997, British designer John Galliano became Christian Dior’s creative director and in 2001 he started releasing his own Dior watches. Dior watches are aesthetically pleasing, and the brand name is one that most people today love. Because of it is associated with luxury and quality, it is no surprise that so many individuals aspire to own such a beautiful timepiece. Fortunately, when you buy from Mark Worthington Jewellers, you can get your hands on a fabulous Dior watch at a greatly reduced price. We sell top quality pre-owned Dior watches with original papers at prices you can afford. Whether you are buying for yourself or for someone you love, we are confident that you will find the perfect Dior watch.