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A Guide To Jaeger Le Coultre Watches

A Guide To
Jaeger Le Coultre Watches

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The Peak of Perfection

One of Switzerland's most famous brands in its premier industry, Jaeger La Coultre is a byword not just for luxury and quality within the wristwatch world, but also innovation, precision and scientific achievement in design. Descended from a French family fleeing religious persecution, the Le Coultre story starts from a scientific background, when Antoine Le Coultre developed a precision machine for making watch parts himself. Using his machine to establish a small workshop, it soon became clear that watchmaking had found a new pioneer with his shop turning out a series of world-class inventions including the world's most precise clock at the time, winning him admirers all over the world.

The business practically invented the mechanization of watch manufacture, and after 100 years at the top of the business merged with fellow horologists Jaeger to create the brand we know today. Responsible for hundreds of inventions and over 400 patents, Jaeger Le Coultre watches are not simply an ornament- each piece is a scientific achievement in its own right.

What a Watch Means

There are hundreds of different watches out on the market produced by hundreds of manufacturers for a variety of purposes, from the practical to the ornamental, but owning a Jaeger Le Coultre has always been different. It's a statement by the wearer that they value being at the very forefront of precision engineering, timekeeping and manufacturing, and that they value innovation and creativity from their timepiece. The list of inventions that can be attributed to Jaeger Le Coultre, or at least popularised by the brand, is endless: The keyless watch, the first watch with three dials on a single movement, the world's thinnest watch, and hundreds more.

Today the brand retains all of its scientific and Swiss heritage in its headquarters and manufacturing centre in Le Sentier, Switzerland and it is still regarded as a top tier Richemont brand. Most importantly, they still turn out thousands of the highest quality timepieces every year, watches that are a byword for quality and precision.

A Guide to Jaeger Le Coultre Watches

The Reverso

Certainly one of the most famous watch lines ever produced, the Reverso is to men's Jaeger Le Coultre watches what the Oyster or Submariner are to Rolex: The trademark piece. Made popular by British army officers in the 30s who wanted a strong and sturdy watch that could survive the rough and tumble of a Polo game whilst also looking fantastic, this association would propel it to the front of every gentleman's mind at the time. As luck would have it, Jaeger Le Coultre created this watch as the peak of fashionability during an iconic time for design, and its classically Art Deco features make it a statement piece to this day, having undergone very few changes since then.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Duoplan

Jaeger Le Coultre is a brand that wears its history on its sleeve, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the creation of the Duoplan. While initially ladies Jaeger Le Coultre watches, the marque became popular with women due to its slim and sporty styling that fit better on the wrist than the chunkier cases produced by other brands - and there's a reason for that. As a famous owner of the watch the association with the tailor to the Royal Family 'Jack' Izod certainly did the brand no harm in its reputation among lady owners either. It's a venerable timepiece within the horologist's world at over 80 years old, but that just pays tribute to the longevity of the design which has managed to stand the test of time with very few updates.